Inspiring YouTube Videos

Inspiring Youtube Videos

Maybe I’m optimistic, but I believe that we and our children can create world peace in our lifetimes. I’m traveling in the Mediterranean countries for more than three years now, while practicing the Law of Attraction how to’s that I’ve learned over the last 15 years of research and Life Coaching.

There are many projects of greatness that we can manifest together. If we follow our hearts, we can live the life of our dreams, and transform our world. Together we are bringing the higher frequencies of loving energy into every aspect of life on Earth now.

Here are my favorite, classic, Inspiring YouTube Videos.

My favorite inspiring youtube videos dedicated to peace:

Start Where You Are, With What You Have.

Estas Tonne Plays an Amazing Street Guitar Performance.

A True Story, and a Beautiful Life Transformation.

What Goes Around Comes Around, based on a true story.

Free Hugs Campaign

Images of peaceful times, with Peace Train music by Cat Stevens

Where the Hell is Matt?

The Day after Peace Trailer featuring Jeremy Gilley

Imagine, song by John Lennon

Do you have some favorite inspiring Youtube videos?

Take care,

Madeleine Alchemy

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