Life Coach Private Sessions

If you would like to transform your life, I am here to join you on your journey and assist you as I can.  I’m available for Life Coach Private Sessions.

Hi, Merina Madeleine here.  (You may also know me by my pen name, Madeleine Alchemy.)  Your personal session can include personal Angel Letters, Ho’oponopono, Theta Hypnotherapy, Long Distance Reiki, and channeled energy to assist as you align with your highest possibilities.

The easiest way to contact me is by private message at:
or direct message at:

Here is my flyer.  You can download it as a pdf here:

Personal Communication

I invite you to communicate easily with your highest self, the Creator, Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters and Loved Ones that are with you on your spiritual path.

Your Guidance Team can give you clarity, support and guidance about what you are experiencing on this amazing, unfolding journey.

Private Sessions may include:

  • Life Coaching and Support of your creative, abundant power.
  •  Angel Letters and Intuitive Guidance.
  •  Theta Encoding and Energy Work.
  •  Spiritual Palmistry to share with you  the spiritual marks on your hands.
  • Powerful Meditation and Guided Imagery to fulfill your Heart’s Desires.
  • Empowerment to move into your Personal Mastery.
  •  Reiki, Quantum Touch and Energy Attunement.


I look forward to hearing from you!  Feel free to contact me.

In love and light,

Merina Madeleine

Merina Madeleine

Merina is a Researcher, Artist,

Author and Channel for the Angels, Guides, Loved ones and Ascended Masters.  Her research studies include Quantum Physics, Energy,

Near Death, Spiritual Palmistry,

Healing Arts, Sacred Geometry,

Theta Encoding, Channeling,

Cultural Traditions, and

Spiritual Wisdom

from around

the world.


Life Coaching, Theta Encoding, Angel Card Readings,

Energy Work, and Angel Letters.

To schedule a Private Sessionor Class feel free to contact Merina at:


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